Smite! Grill Cleaner

Smite! Grill Cleaner

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SMITE Grill Clean was created by the Prof’s Group to try and stop chefs complaining about the toxicity and ineffectiveness of conventional grill cleaners.  They succeeded with a sweet-smelling, jaw-droppingly  good formulation - so of course the chefs found something else to complain about…


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1)  While the grill is hot, scrape the excess gunk (technical term) from the grill

2)  Pour enough SmiteTM Grill Clean to cover the grill

3)  Turn off the heat to the grill

4)  Let bubble for around 4 minutes

5)  Scrape clean.

6)  Rinse with water

7)  Spray with oil

8)  Voila!

Don't Be An Idiot

  • Use under ventilation
  • Wash skin after contact
  • If in eyes, rinse thoroughly for 15 minutes
  • If inhaled, get fresh air
  • If swallowed, drink lots of water
  • MSD sheet at
  • National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON (0800 764 766)

MSD Sheet

MSD Sheet


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